Toast For Two, comes out of several inspirations:

•I really like toast. This is a food that holds just so many possibilities.

•I think of toast as a refresh button, it begins a new day, it motivates one to keep going in working sputs, it compforts at the end of a bad day. I want these pages to give the same feeling, toast provides.

•Two is my favourite number, it encourages one to be in community yet gives a personal closeness of privacy. If you are the reader and I am the writer, I suddenly feel like we’re on a team. I’m commiting to this relationship, even though I won’t know whose read it-because I know you need a constant refresh as much as I do.

I want this to be a place where I can finally unleash.

Why do I feel the pressure to only put something into the world when I feel that it is 100% perfection, that I haven’t offended anyone? Thus I proofread every single word imagining it from someone else’s perspective-but then losing myself and my vision in the process. I refuse to be contained by critiques.

I refuse for this to be a place that I have inspected thoroughly. Whoever reads it, whether it’s a conservative family member or a girl who I never really got to know from high school, who just remembers me nagging for a yearbook quote and hasn’t unfollowed me on Instagram yet.

I want this to be a place where I can be as personal as possible. Where I can use ridiculous big words that no one else has heard of, because I can. Where short sentences are applauded. Yes. I’m going to accurately talk about my preferences, my revelations, the obscure way I seem to tick, and live with my faith on my sleeve.

Welcome to the confusing portal of yours truly, the door is cracked open.

I will not be held liable for the things inside.

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